How to Get Head – Step by Step

We search far and wide, deep and long, for products we think will bring you sexual satisfaction and increased pleasure in the bedroom (or in the woods, or that hotel elevator, or the living room floor).

Today we offer a post by “Brian” on BJ Power Play, the Step-by-Step System for how to get head on command. This is a new product. Since we know you don’t want to wait any longer, without further ado…

Get head on command with BJ Power Play!

Get head on command with BJ Power Play!

Hey man – it’s Brian,

your personal expert on how to get head from women…

I want to tell you about the first step (of 3) to get more head than a 1980s rockstar.

(If you want to jump ahead and learn all my proven, tested & perfected tricks, check this video out here )

So, I grew up with a guy named Devin …he was a master at something called “Framing.”
Most WOMEN are very good at framing, but Devin was better. He used this trick to make women think that his d**k was like a trophy – a gift that SHE had to earn.

So when he wanted head, the girls felt HONORED to do it…

Now this guy was overweight (not fat, but he had a belly, like me), and he wasn’t good-looking. But he understood deep female se.x.ual psychology. He was what you might call, “a natural.”

Years later, I finally cracked the code that he intuitively knew, when I discovered how framing works. It’s all about the MEANING about the act of oral-S..e..x, in other words, how the girl THINKS about going down on you. Continue reading →

I have been a bad girl

Editor’s Note: What a lovely surprise it was to find this spanking hot story in my inbox! The author requested anonymity, but said I could sign her name as “angel50devil50”. She may have been a bad girl, but it made for a great story! We hope she continues being a bad girl and writes to tell us all about it!

I have been a bad girl. I got three strikes on my spanking list so tonight is the night. You know it’s the drama that leads up to being spanked that is a huge turn on for me so you decide tonight you are going to take your time and enjoy this.

First you tell me to go get the paddle. As I stand in front of you, you methodically and slowly unbutton and unzip my pants. While doing this, you are explaining to me why I am about to be punished and I am trying to look cute and flirty and say anything to get out of it.

You lower my pants to my ankles. I start to step out of them but you tell me that we need to leave them at my ankles to keep the kicking and thrashing about to a minimum. Looking into my eyes while slowly putting your fingers into the waistband of my panties you lower them to my knees inch by inch and remind me that a spanking is not a real spanking unless it is given on the bare ass. You then lift my blouse up and over my head. As I stand there with just my bra on, my panties at my knees and my pants at my ankles, I am completely vulnerable and exposed. You then put on my collar which signifies that all negotiations are now over. Now my ass is tingling as I know what is coming but can’t do anything about it. I have already tried talking my way out of this but was unsuccessful. Continue reading →

Fifty Shades Read Aloud

New York Construction Worker Reads Fifty Shades!

A reader, who happens to be in this video, submitted it. It’s a series of passages from the book Fifty Shades read aloud, which seemed perfect for Graphic Details. From what I’ve heard, the book and these video clips are better than the movie… (A link to purchase the Fifty Shades books, and a synopsis of each are below the video.)

You can pick up the Fifty Shades trilogy for $52.54.

What’s more fun then just reading about it? Why, acting it out, of course!

There is a whole host of lovely pink bound leather wrist and ankle cuffs, a pink bound leather collar, and a matching bound leather hog tie. (Several pieces pictured below, more colors are available.)

This book is intended for mature audiences, synopsis below.

Fifty Shades of Grey: When college student Anastasia Steele  Continue reading →

Free Shipping Extended!

Free Shipping extended one more day!

Were you too busy eating turkey with the family to shop? We imagine it might be a bit difficult to shop for sex toys with the in-laws looking over your shoulder so we’ve extended Black Friday Free Shipping one more day! Shall we call it Sexy Saturday Free Shipping?

Black Friday Free Shipping Extended!

Black Friday Free Shipping Extended!

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Free Shipping for Black Friday!

Free Shipping for Black Friday!

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Early Black Friday Deals

We wouldn’t want to leave you “hanging” for the holidays…

Just in time for Early Black Friday Deals, there’s a fantastic sale on “The best F#@% Machine every made”, The F-Machine, and all compatible Vac-U-Lock Dildos from now through January 15!

F*ck Machine: You'll never be the same.

F*ck Machine: You’ll never be the same.

And don’t forget to tie that special someone up for the holidays! Shop the Fifty Shades of Grey Official Collection!

Have a dark holiday: Fifty Shades of Grey

Have a dark holiday: Fifty Shades of Grey

Stretch your boundaries with Fifty Shades.

Stretch your boundaries with Fifty Shades – or someone else…

Stay tuned – we have more specials coming (pun intended!) for Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

Happy Toying!

~ Rapunzel

Need something more?

Want to spice up your love life, heat things up in the bedroom? Or maybe you’d like to spend a little time pampering yourself just the way you like it? Check out a few of the Top Selling Categories on the Graphic Details Sex Toy Store!

Spring into action with these hot vibrators!

Spring into action with these hot vibrators!


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Lost and Found

Editor’s note: This is another erotic guest post by Bluz Dude, the secretly naughty gentleman who provided the last steamy story, A Touch Too Much. He has an enjoyable, clean blog at Darwinfish2, but some of his readers, which include family members, aren’t quite ready for the hot and steamy stuff he deliciously crafts. Of course, here at GDIM we’re more than happy to post his dirty little secrets. Erotica like this makes a gal wonder if he’s that creative in real life, too…

Lost and Found by Bluz

Lost and Found by Bluz Dude

They hadn’t seen each other in since they were mere kids in their twenties, but as soon as she opened the door, she took his breath away.

Both wore the burdens of time, but when he looked into her eyes, all he saw was the young, passionate, brown-eyed girl of his past.

It hadn’t ended well, way back when.  But due to the onward march of technology, she was able to find him again, from many states away.  Though the course of numerous emails and messages, they caught up on each other’s lives.  Forgivenesses were sought and granted.  And at first, that was that.

But then things changed.  She was lonely.  He was bored.  She wanted some excitement.  He wanted escape.  And that brought them both to a hotel room in the middle of nowhere.

They sat for a long time in the room’s parlor, sharing their stories and a bottle of wine.  They showed each other pictures and told long tales of happiness and heartache.  They talked about their time together, remembering things that were long forgotten.  The healing continued.

Later, he rubbed her feet.  It was a skill he hadn’t used on anyone since that exotic dancer in Schenectady, but it was still effective.  She explained how there are points in the feet that connect directly to “other” parts of the body.  He hoped he was pushing the right buttons.

As the sunlight disappeared from the room, he leaned in and kissed her neck.  Continue reading →

A Touch Too Much, part 2

A Touch Too Much by bluzdude

A Touch Too Much by bluzdude

When we last left our hero, his ex-girlfriend/roommate was out of the house and he was perched atop his other roommate. He was rubbing lotion onto her back, when she started undulating below him. It was decision time…

With his next long stroke, he let his hands linger of the sides of her breasts and then braced him as he leaned slowly forward. It was now or never.

He lowered himself down and gently kissed her on the back of the neck. Continue reading →